For the first time in Pakistan, Synectics is providing the Suture Manufacturing Equipments with customizable options. Our Drilled-End Needle Attachment Machines are available in three different sizes depending on the needle sizes. 

Synectics is capable to build suture manufacturing equipment through its quality research and development. Our manufacturing capability enables us to deliver the customised machines and testing equipments with high tolerances, fulfilling the OEM customers’ requirements.


Pull Tester for Surgical Sutures designed for production use enables the user to test Surgical Suture attachment. The compact design equipment is also available for micro sutures. Desired load for variable suture sizes can be adjusted to ensure proper attachment of needle and thread.


Attaching Dies used in Suture Attachment Machine for crimping suture needle to get a successful connection with the thread. Synectics Attaching Dies are  made from toughest material enabling it to produce numerous attachments. Synectics also produce customised attaching dies used on custom size suture needles.


For Customised Solutions, feel free to send your inquiry.

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